You Can’t Take This School Year Off

A Message About Virtual Learning Programs


If your children are 6-18 years old they must attend school.  It’s still the law.  MCL 380.1561 



Things you should know about students in virtual programs:

  • Students who are enrolled in virtual learning programs through their local school district must participate in the program.
  • Students must log in daily and complete required coursework.
  • Students must communicate with a teacher at least twice per week.
  • Students who log in and fail to complete school work may be referred to Sanilac County Truancy Intervention Services.
  • It is both a student responsibility and a parent responsibility to ensure children are logging in daily and completing coursework.



What can happen if students do not participate in their virtual learning program?

  • Students who do not complete coursework and assignments typically fail the class and no credit is earned.
  • Students who do not earn credits do not graduate on time.
  • Students referred to the truancy officer may end up being charged with truancy in the court.
  • It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are participating in the school program in which they are enrolled.  Parents may be charged with truancy as well.  If convicted it is a two day minimum jail sentence, court fines/fees, and nine to twelve months’ probation. 




Sanilac County Truancy Intervention Services - Family Court